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Explore Thessaloniki in a Rental Car

Thessaloniki is one of the most famous metropolises in Greece and not without reason. As the second largest city, it offers a lot of sights and manages to enchant travelers with its charm and versatility. Whether romantic bays or pulsating city life, eventful culture or exciting nightlife – a dream vacation is guaranteed in Thessaloniki. Because of the many opportunities to explore in and around Thessaloniki, a rental car is a good idea so that you don’t miss out on the most hidden treasures of this Greek dream city and its fascinating surroundings. With MasterCar Greece, the versatile options for car rental can be compared in advance and the exciting trip to Greece can already begin with the rental car from Thessaloniki airport. A relaxing holiday in Macedonia could hardly start easier.


Thessaloniki’s streets are well developed and exploring all areas of the city can easily be done with a rental car. You don’t need to be a regular church-goer, but looking at the magnificent churches, some of which are even on the list of world cultural heritage sites, you will be stunned in amazement. In particular the Hagios Demetrios, also called Demetriosbasilika, is worth a visit, centrally located and therefore easy to reach by rental car. The breathtaking church has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988 and is dedicated to Demetrios of Thessaloniki. If you want to discover little treasures off the beaten track, you should venture out in a rental car on exploration tours through the smaller side streets, which repeatedly lead to museums, cathedrals and fantastic restaurants. A visit to the famous White Tower should also be on the to-do list, because here anyone interested can learn a lot about the history and culture of the city. The White Tower has existed since the 15th century and has served many purposes to this day: Among other things, it served as a fortification, prison and museum. There should also be another monument on your list that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site: The Galerius Arch from the late Roman era is sure to amaze you. Exploring Thessaloniki in a rental car is a unique experience.


A rental car is essential, especially for adventurous vacationers who want to be flexible and want to adapt their vacation to their own and special wishes. A lazy day on a secluded beach or an impromptu stop to watch the sunset on a little-known boardwalk. Who would not want that? Anything that is not or only partially accessible by public transport is no problem for a rental car. Exploring the beautiful landscapes around Thessaloniki is a must. After all, it is only about 150 kilometers to the famous Mount Olympus – a grandiose day trip with a deep insight into Greek mythology can be as fascinating as it is instructive. The Vergina archaeological site is also a wonderful destination for interested holidaymakers and hobby archaeologists.


The quickly accessible rental cars at Thessaloniki Airport not only make it easy to explore Thessaloniki, but also to start a trip to nearby or even further away cities from here. Many tourists see Thessaloniki as a welcome starting point for their trip to Greece, as many international flights arrive here. Above all, the city is used as a stopover on the journey to Chalkidiki, which is about 70 km south of Thessaloniki and is easily accessible via the motorway. Good to know: MasterCar Greece car rental, which always has a German-speaking employee on site with its special airport service, can not only request information about the rental car but also the desired travel route, road and traffic conditions. The trip in a rental car through Thessaloniki and beyond Thessaloniki remains stress-free, easy and flexible at all times thanks to the excellent service.

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