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Chalkidiki, Greece is a unique and distinctive travel destination. The peninsula offers breathtaking landscapes with deep blue water and white beaches, cliffs, mountains, forests and villages that invite you to linger and relax. The variety of plants in Chalkidiki seems limitless. While Italy is known as a boot, Chalkidiki’s shape resembles a hand with only three fingers. The headlands of Kassandra, Athos and Sithonia stretch far into the Aegean Sea, almost like the fictional hand of a Greek god. The peninsula offers a wonderful opportunity to come into contact with the locals, because in contrast to most large cities, almost exclusively Greeks live here. To reach Chalkidiki and to be able to enjoy its diversity flexibly, a rental car is a fantastic option that allows spontaneity, mobility and a great feeling of freedom. Although it is easiest to leave Thessaloniki airport by rental car and head south-east to the beautiful peninsula, it is also possible to visit MasterCar Greece car rental in Sarti, Chalkidiki to pick up the reserved rental car. There are no limits to your travel planning.


Halkidiki is a true paradise, especially for nature lovers. A fantastic mountain range stretches across a large part of the middle of the peninsula, the mountain peaks of which stretch up to 1,100 meters into the sky. Travelers should definitely head for the three land fingers by rental car, which are well connected by well-developed roads and offer many hotels, rest and vacation opportunities. Athos, for example, offers many breathtaking monastery complexes that are part of the UNESO world cultural heritage and Kassandra, the first finger in Halkidiki Greece, attracts with its city Kassandria and a market well worth seeing, which opens its doors to visitors every Tuesday. A round trip by rental car through Macedonia is ideal, because the route can be flexibly adapted to your own wishes and pace – whether as a family, couple or solo traveler. MasterCar Greece car rental is at your side with words and deeds and many insider tips for the perfect rental car trip.

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