MasterCar-greece.com which is located in Sarti, Halkidiki owns and operates this website.  Through this website, visitors have the opportunity to receive general information about Thessaloniki, Halkidiki as well as MasterCar company and to make reservations for car rentals.  MasterCar offers the services of this website (“Website”, “site”) through www.mastercar-greece.com (“Website”) with the following Terms of Use. Please review these Terms of use carefully before using this website. Your use of this website indicates your agreement to be bound by these Terms of Use.
Any use of this website and any transaction through this implies full acceptance of the General Terms of Use by the visitor, which are the only binding agreement between visitor and MasterCar and should be signed.

MasterCar may also modify these Terms of Use at any time, and such modification shall be effective immediately upon posting of the modified Terms of Use on this website. Accordingly, your continued access or use of this website is deemed to be your acceptance of the modified Terms of Use.

1. Use of Services

1.1 The general information on this website is provided to any interested visitor. You might want to visit the website and browse it without registering or providing any personal information.

1.2 If you want to proceed with a booking through MasterCar-greece.com, you must complete the relevant booking form. In this form, it is necessary to complete the following information: Your name, a valid email address (e-mail), mobile phone, the driver’s birth date, exact flight details (flight-company, time of arrival and place of collection) and desired car model.

1.3 In order to make a booking from MasterCar you have to be over 23 years old. For the purposes of these Terms of Use, all persons who make reservations through this website are considered to be adults and able to act like this. The submission of a question or reservation via MasterCar-greece.com is a valid declaration of intent.

2. MasterCar data Protection Policy

2.1 MasterCar will maintain the personal information provided via this website to process your booking, to contact you if we have any problems with your request or to send you an electronic confirmation of the booking, in accordance to Law 2472/97, as modified and currently applied  and notified this policy to the Protection Authority Personal Data. Customer data are registered in a database operated by MasterCar-greece.com and are exclusively what you declare in the booking form (see Article 1.2).

2.2 We collect and process your personal information in order to provide you with the services ordered and the benefits which you subscribed for. By accepting these Terms of use, your hereby authorize MasterCar to transfer your data to a relevant server into E.E.

2.3 You have the authority to delete, correct, modify, and update your personal data that you provide to MasterCar anytime you contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In this same address you can obtain any updates or objections concerning the processing of your personal data.

2.4 Your email address will not be used for sending junk mail (spam). If you wish MasterCar to send you informational messages (newsletters) concerning our   services and MasterCar offers you can register by entering your email address in the box on the website.

3. Trademarks and Copyright

This website www.mastercar-greece.com is copyrighted by their creators, according to the Law 2121/1993 "copyright", as being modified and currently notified by international conventions signed by Greece.

3.2 MasterCar exclusively maintains the right  to copyright  the design, the source code and the entire contents of this website (including pictures, graphics, photos, videos, texts, services and all the files on this website). The content contained by MasterCar-greece.com, the structure and the categorization may constitute a database within the meaning of N.2121/1993 and are protected under this law. Any violation of these rights in any way draws responsibilities and penalties set by the law. Indicatively and not restrictively  editing, copying, modifying, publishing or republishing and distribution by any means of any kind of content ( images, text, and any audiovisual material) of this website is prohibited, including content added by the owners.

3.3 All trademarks contained in this website are trademarks of MasterCar or third partners and are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek, European law, law of third countries and under international treaties. The use of these trademarks without the written permission of the owners is strictly prohibited.

4. Making Reservations and Requesting Services.

4.1 Through MasterCar-greece.com you can make reservations all over Greece. Renter and driver must be at least 23 years old and not over 70 years old.  By paying an extra insurance, the driver can be up to 75 years. Furthermore a valid driver's license held for at least one year is required. For non-EU nationals it is necessary to have a valid international driving license, which must be presented when picking up the car.

4.2 Method of booking and payment

a) Using the search tool on the home page, the user can see the available cars for the region and the periods of rentals. After you choose the car, the requested period and any additional services (like GPS, child seat, etc.), you can see the price and you can proceed by clicking the button "order."
b) By selecting the choice "Reservation" of MasterCar original page, the user can fill in the booking form with the following required information: name, a valid email address, mobile phone, date of birth, exact flight details (flight airline, airport, time of arrival and departure) and desired car model. When the user submits to these Terms of Use, they can send the booking request to MasterCar and then receive the booking confirmation message with all the information to the email address they have registered, while they are notified about the amount of the deposit. To complete the reservation it is necessary the requested deposit of maximum 50 Euro.

4.3 Prices
Prices are valid for the period specified in MasterCar-greece.com. In each case consider the current price quoted at the time of making the reservation. The quoted prices include:



4.4 Delivery - collection:
MasterCar Chalkidiki Car Hire can offer delivery / collection services at any other stations for an extra charge. Collection of the rental car at Thessaloniki Airport and its delivery at our second station in Sarti Chalkidiki cost € 45 for 3-day rentals and € 20 for 7-day rentals. Delivery of the rental car at our second station in Sarti Chalkidiki and its delivery at Thessaloniki Airport also cost € 45 for 3-day rentals and € 20 for 7-day rentals.

4.5 Cancellation:
If cancellation takes place 5 days prior to the date of reservation, no amount is charged. If a deposit has been sent, it is refunded. In case of cancellation less than 5 days prior to the date of reservation, the deposit is kept by MasterCar Chalkidiki car hire agency.  Refunds are not given after the commencement of the rental period. Refunds are also not given if the renter does not arrive within the scheduled time limits or if the necessary documentation is not provided (driver’s license and identification card).  All cancellations must be written and sent by e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If this is not possible, kindly contact our office by phone at: +30 23750 94402. Cancellations are valid only with a written confirmation by MasterCar Company.

4.6 Transport by boat and out of borders
Transport of the rental car to the Greek Islands is only allowed if MasterCar has given its written permission. We kindly request you to inform us if you would like to transport the car by boat. Driving  the rental car out of the borders is forbidden.

5. Limitation of Liability
5.1 All visitors may be aware and agree that all general information contained in MasterCar site (Thessaloniki attractions, map, airport information etc) are indicative and should in no way be considered as an advice or inducement for a given action.  MasterCar cannot guarantee for the correctness, validity and accuracy of such information.  Furthermore, the information provided by MasterCar-greece.com is not exclusive or unique about any issue. The user who wants comprehensive information on any issue included in MasterCar-greece.com understands that the information can be partial, and assume the full risk of this occasion.

5.2 MasterCar is not responsible for any damage, loss or moral damage as a result of the use, availability or non-availability of services and contents of this website where the use is exclusively your own initiative and responsibility. Any car reservation from MasterCar-greece.com is your own choice and responsibility, by evaluating the offered services.

5.3 You are responsible towards MasterCar-greece.com and its colleagues for any damage or loss that may be caused by the inappropriate use of this website.

6. Advertising

6.1 If you wish to be advertised by MasterCar-greece.com, you must fill in an application with the following information: Name / Company Name - Phone - E-mail - URL, in order to obtain all necessary information and send it at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. MasterCar-greece.com is not responsible for the protection of personal data that advertisers follow in this website and make dealings with visitors using their advertising services.

6.2 MasterCar-greece.com has no responsibility for communication with third party services that are being advertised on this website and for any transaction resulting between them.

7. Cookies

MasterCar website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored by your browser, and allows it to remember information between web pages and browser sessions. MasterCar uses a number of “first party” cookies - generated and used by the MasterCar website – and some “third party” cookies – generated on our site by third parties. They enable us to remember each part of your reservation as you go through the site, remember your customer details and display appropriate content based on your selected options and journey. They also help us to understand user behavior within our site, which means we can make the experience better for you. Cookies can only store text, which is always anonymous and usually encrypted. MasterCar will never store any personal information in a cookie. If you do not wish to use cookies in order to identify then you will not be able to get further access to such services.

8. Links to other Websites

8.1 This website may include links to other internet sites. MasterCar does not endorse any such websites and is not responsible for the information, material, products or services contained on or accessible through those web sites. Your access and use of such web sites remains solely at your own risk.

8.2 There are also several places throughout outMastercar-greece.com that may link you to other websites that do not operate under MasterCar information privacy practices. When you click through to these websites, MasterCar websites information privacy practices no longer apply. We recommend that you examine the privacy statements for all third party websites to understand their procedures for collecting, using, and disclosing your information.

9. Disclaimer of Warranty

9.1 To the maximum extent permitted by law, MasterCar disclaim all implied warranties with regard to the information, services and materials contained on this website. All such information, services and materials are provided "as is" and "as available" without warranty of any kind.

9.2 MasterCar terms of use are likely to be updated. Therefore, MasterCar recommend that you regularly review this document in order to be fully aware of our commitments regarding the security and privacy of your Personal information. Also although we make every effort, there is no guarantee that this website contains no "viruses" or other harmful components.

10. Applicable Law and other Terms

10.1 Visitors use of this website, any downloaded material from it and the operation of these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Greece and you agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Greek courts.

10.2 If visitors do not agree with all the mentioned Terms of Use  they shall not use the services provided by MasterCar website.